10 Relentless Summer Bike Reflections & Fun Facts

10 Relentless Summer Bike Reflections & Fun Facts

Famous Relentless & City Cycle Vancouver Craft Beer Tour – First Stop Postmark Brewing – Behind the Scenes and Vats


1. On ACTIVE LIVING: Craft Beer tours by bike count as active, healthy living. Tip: A growler weighs approximately 5 pounds when full so a bike trailer can fit about 20 of them (100 pounds)!

City Cycle’s Aspiring Master Brewer, Nick, educating us on the true art of craft brewing.

2. On PITCHING: Dear Entrepreneurs … A UBC Spanish Banks hill climb by bike is perfect distance for pitching your company.  A second hill for investor questions …  A third for fun … just ask Rob


3. On NETWORKING: Our local bike café Musette is a fantastic place to host a cocktail party.  Tip: Be clear about whether dress code is Lycra free or Lycra preferred.

Relentless SuperWeek Salon at Musette.

4. On ARRIVING: Eezee peezee to arrive at a meeting in office attire … by bikejust ask Joe.


5. On MORE NETWORKING: Biking as a pair, group of three, eight or twenty is more fun than a foursome of golf.6. On PROBLEM SOLVING … and even more NETWORKING: Don’t have your own bike? BORROW one! Everyone can find or borrow a bike when it means spending a couple hours on two wheels on a Thursday morning … just ask Manica or Amy.

Brenda, Amy & Manica.

7. On TRAINING: Long distance triathlons (aka ironman distance) can be completed as a RELAY with zero bike training if you are responsible for half the bike distance (i.e. 90km) when you have Olympic gold medal muscle memory and a keen desire to shoot a video mid race … just ask Simon.

Simon, aka Collins Cup International Team Captain & Videographer. Challenge Roth relay. Bike Leg. Half of it.

8. On BONDING: Investor < > Founder bonding best over dropped bike chains … just ask Kirsten.

Simon and ePACT Co-Founder, Kirsten.

9. On RACING: Criterium racing is a unique Relentless team skill … just ask Isabella.

10. On MEETINGS: Sunrise connections and team meetings by bike are best . . . in my opinion.