Aspect Biosystems Ltd is an industry award winning biotechnology company operating at the leading edge of 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering.

Founded at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Aspect’s disruptive 3D bioprinting platform is based on a proprietary Lab-on-a-PrinterTM technology. This technology combines and sequences complex biomaterials for broad applications in preventative health and life sciences, including regenerative medicine and orthopaedic applications.

Aspect’s technology uses a multifunctional microfluidic print head capable of programmatically manipulating and sequencing multiple biomaterials, living cells, extracellular matrix content, growth factors, bioactive compounds and other bioinks ‘on the fly’ during tissue printing.

In January 2017, Aspect announced a partnership with Johnson & Johnson for 3D printing development of an artificial meniscus, creating new opportunities for improved lifelong activity. An Aspect meniscus has the potential to replace a torn and damaged meniscus, avoid ineffective clean up surgery with a like new shock absorber for the knee, reduce the incidence of knee arthritis, and improve potential for healing.

Relentless team meeting with Co-Founder and CEO, Tamer Mohamed

Check out Aspect’s bioprinting process with this link.

Co-Founder and CSO, Sam Wadsworth leading a discussion on 3D printing materials structure translating into living tissue function. Human tissues on Demand … imagine the possibilities.

TritonWear is a wearable sports technology company that empowers coaches.

Founded in Waterloo, and now headquartered in Toronto, the TritonWear team has developed a system that measures up to 15 performance metrics for more than 30 athletes simultaneously! TritonWear is providing coaches the tools and resources to make data-driven decisions in their sport.



The Triton on body module transmits athlete data in real time to a coach’s tablet.

The proprietary Triton System provides precision data outputs, real time data and feedback facilitated with a multiple node network. The company’s analytics and insights are powerful.

The current suite of performance metrics have a direct impact on the two critical components of a swim: speed and stroke efficiency. TritonWear’s non-invasive module attaches to the back of a swimmer’s goggles and measures:



  • Splits
  • Turn Time
  • Distance
  • Total Swim / Rest Time
  • Speed
  • Time Underwater
  • Pace Time
  • Start Reaction Time


  • Stroke Count
  • Stroke Rate
  • Stroke Index / Efficiency
  • Breath Count / Patternimg_7294
  • Distance Per Stroke (DPS)
  • Stroke Type
  • Cadence
  • Dolphin Kicks Off the Wall


The TritonWear system includes:

  • Triton On Body Module
  • Triton Connect Base Station
  • TritonWear’s proprietary software.

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Social Nature is a Vancouver based business building brand leadership in natural product social influence marketing.  The company has established a product sampling community of > 100,000 trusted influencers. Influencers are provided natural products for free in exchange for reviews – concurrently promoting the objective to #trynatural (i.e. natural products). The target demographic for Social Nature is the millennial generation.

Consumer product brands engage their target consumers through Social Nature’s marketing community and receive authentic social influence that cuts through the marketing clutter, while consumers get to try products they love for free in exchange for writing a review on social media. At Social Nature the focus is on matching influencers and brands based on product fit not social reach. This targeted high impact marketing has already proven to deliver higher consumer adoption and sales conversions than established digital marketing strategies.


ePACT Network is swiftly becoming the new standard for the single family emergency information record.  Based out of North Vancouver, BC, the ePACT system converts the traditional paper-based documentation of health, emergency and key contact information to a modern e-network.

ePACT is creating a new cloud hosted standard that ensures integrity and completeness of data, while maintaining privacy. The solution eliminates the need for paper, related labor and logistics. Their seamless software integration facilitates information management for families across multiple organizations – for individuals across multiple sports and events.


Inspired by a terrifying experience of close friends during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the founders, Christine Sommers and Kirsten Koppang Telford jumped on the idea of creating a “LinkedInTM for emergencies”.

Sports tech is defined as ‘tools or products used by athletes to improve their athletic performance in either a training or competitive environment’. ePACT’s information system is a ‘missing link’ to reducing stress and optimizing performance. Arrive to practice, game day, a tournament or endurance event knowing your health and personal information is secure, complete and accessible – peace of mind.


Wiivv creates custom, 3D printed gear. The team has developed a proprietary product customization engine that begins with digital capture and ends with manufacturing of a biomechanically enhanced 3D print-ready file in seconds. Wiivv produces goods unique to every customer on a mass scale.

The first product from Wiivv is BASE, a body perfect, custom insole. With additional support under the arch and more stability in the heel, BASE maximizes comfort, promotes foot alignment and lessens foot fatigue.


Founders Louis-Victor Jadavji and Shamil Hargovan joined forces in 2014 to create a company that would ‘add 10 years’ to everyone’s healthy, active life. They are committed to building stronger, happier, healthier humans from the ground up! Head office is in Vancouver, BC and their adaptive manufacturing facility is in San Diego, CA.

wiivv-visit-2 wiivv-visit-5 wiivv-visit-7

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Operating gyms without data is guessing. Gymtrack, a tech business founded in Ottawa, is building a system of analytics that tracks usage across all strength and cardio equipment in a space, so gyms can understand exactly how members spend their time inside their facilities.

No more guessing if the equipment mix is appropriate for members. No more anecdotal evidence of equipment popularity and trends. Gymtrack anonymized data shows gyms how their facilities and equipment are being used. From the moment a member arrives to the time they leave, every room they enter and piece of equipment they use will help tell a story to make their experience better.

Gymtrack has evolved their system of sensors and analytics to provide high impact data for gym owners and fitness franchises. Incorporation of the Gymtrack system will help operators understand peak times, compare the impact of an installed base of equipment and identify under-performing equipment.

Gymtrack provides actionable data and insights. Business owners are enabled to make data driven decision, while increasing member retention through optimized products and equipment.



Vanhawks is a start up based in Toronto, Ontario and graduate of Montreal’s “Founder Fuel” accelerator program.

vanhawks is rethinking urban transportation.

Their lead product, the Valour, is Bluetooth-enabled to connect with smartphones and other devices. The connectivity provides the ability to get guided directions while biking and notifications when vehicles are in the bike’s blind spot. Turn-by-turn directions are relayed to the bike’s handlebars and signaled by LED lights.  Automatically collected data will be shared to create safer and smarter routes for the cycling community.

In addition to the technical and connectivity features, the Valour is built from an innovative, ultra-light carbon-fiber frame .

The company is creating a platform for smart, safer bikes of the future.