TritonWear is a wearable sports technology company that empowers coaches.

Founded in Waterloo, and now headquartered in Toronto, the TritonWear team has developed a system that measures up to 15 performance metrics for more than 30 athletes simultaneously! TritonWear is providing coaches the tools and resources to make data-driven decisions in their sport.



The Triton on body module transmits athlete data in real time to a coach’s tablet.

The proprietary Triton System provides precision data outputs, real time data and feedback facilitated with a multiple node network. The company’s analytics and insights are powerful.

The current suite of performance metrics have a direct impact on the two critical components of a swim: speed and stroke efficiency. TritonWear’s non-invasive module attaches to the back of a swimmer’s goggles and measures:



  • Splits
  • Turn Time
  • Distance
  • Total Swim / Rest Time
  • Speed
  • Time Underwater
  • Pace Time
  • Start Reaction Time


  • Stroke Count
  • Stroke Rate
  • Stroke Index / Efficiency
  • Breath Count / Patternimg_7294
  • Distance Per Stroke (DPS)
  • Stroke Type
  • Cadence
  • Dolphin Kicks Off the Wall


The TritonWear system includes:

  • Triton On Body Module
  • Triton Connect Base Station
  • TritonWear’s proprietary software.

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