Todd Humphrey


Todd is a 2x co-founder, retired athlete, former CEO, former VC and executive. - LinkedIn

The first company Todd co-founded was Kobo Books. From 2010-2014 he was the EVP, Business Development at Kobo. In his executive role he was responsible for all worldwide business development activities for Kobo, including OEM’s, retailers and wireless providers. Kobo was sold to Japan’s Rakuten for $315M.  

The second company Todd co-founded was the digital health, wellness and lifestyle benefits platform, LEAGUE Inc. Todd was also the CEO at the project management company LiquidPlanner.

In 2018 Todd returned to his hockey roots, to join the executive team of the new NHL franchise based in his hometown of Seattle as Sr VP Digital and Fan Experience.



Todd was a professional hockey player.

Classic Canadian foundational roots.

Classic Canadian foundational roots.