The Relentless Roundup – 1st Edition

Autumn Greetings!

Time to reconnect and refresh. Our first edition roundup provides a fundraising update, our latest investment and notes on a couple of special events.


Team Relentless spent a good chunk of our fabulous west coast summer in due diligence with prospective LP’s. Delighted to share that at the end of a rigorous review process, we have a financial institution committed as a Limited Partner, building on our expanding investor base. Happy to share details about our financial anchor tenant during our next conversation. HINT: The social impact heart of our preventative health mandate underpins their enthusiastic commitment .

 Our goal for the first closing of the Relentless Venture Fund (RVF) is to facilitate larger cheque writing ability for our top portfolio prospects. RVF’s initial investment target range will be $500,000 - $1.5M in first round commitments.


We launched a Salon Series in the Summer. The objective at these social events has been to invite individuals with direct investment interest, convert interest of the curious and expand our network of prospective investors. We have created an informal model for a one stop shop to facilitate preliminary due diligence sharing the genesis of the Relentless Pursuit Partnership and our vision to impact health and activity.

Guests have had the opportunity to connect with strategic partners from both my VC days and our Relentless activities over the past two and a half years. A great bonus at the September Salon in Vancouver was the introduction of two CEOs – Tamer Mohamed at the helm of our most recent investment and a second executive from a top prospect for RVF.


Our pipeline is fantastic.

One deal that we had been tracking for the RVF portfolio received an offer of investment early summer, an offer they couldn’t refuse. As we are still in fundraising mode for the Relentless Venture Fund, we made an investment in Aspect Biosystem’s oversubscribed round via our angel group. The investment closed on July 31st, 2017.

Aspect Biosystems

SPECIAL EVENT – NACO Summit (Montreal)

I was a speaker at the World Angel Investment Summit in Montreal last week. It was an energetic panel discussing ‘Investing in Sports Technology’.  The other panelists were: Craig Buntin (Founder of Sportlogiq and Olympic Figure Skater) and Alexandre Bente (co-founder of the Berlin based leAD Sports Accelerator as well as the Adi Dassler International Family Office; oh, and Alex is also the great grand-son of the founder of Adidas). We covered a ton of ground around the role of technology in both fitness and sport – recreational, amateur to professional athlete. Check out leAD’s first cohort of companies: leAD Sports Accelerator.


We are firing on all cylinders to launch the Relentless Venture Fund, delivering on the Relentless Mission to:

“Invest in Preventative Health and Technology Solutions that


We look forward to continuing the journey together. 

Brenda Irwin