The Relentless RoundUp – 2nd Edition

The Relentless RoundUp – 2nd Edition

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! As has the Relentless Venture Fund!!!!
Although we skipped the entire winter season without an update, we have not been hibernating. This Relentless Round Up, brief, but punchy.

There is a new Venture Capital Fund in Canada – The Relentless Venture Fund (RVF) - a Preventative and Proactive Health Technology Fund with a Social Impact Heart.

Thrilled, delighted, buoyant ... you name, we feel it. We have hit the ground running and are well into executing our first couple of venture deals.


I hinted in the inaugural update that we would be launching with a financial institutional partner deeply aligned with the preventative health, social impact heart of our mandate...and we have. Public release forthcoming. In advance, another teaser – we have partnered with a community leader who recognizes the role that active, preventative healthcare has on individuals as well as the creation of healthier communities.


Pending ... so close ... watch for the update as a lead story in our 3rd Edition. HINT: “Alexa, how is my <INSERT BODY PART WITH SURGICAL IMPLANT>?”


At the February NACO Western Regional Meeting in Victoria, Simon and I co-hosted a ‘hearty’ group of angel investors for a “Tech Tour by Bike”. Even with a bizarre, perfectly timed dump of snow the night before our ride, we ventured out to take in the local technology scene. Our tour included fifteen participants, four local craft beverages, three technology company site visits and one Relentless partner wipe out on an icy hill (it wasn’t the Olympian).


During our Relentless Salon Series, we share the genesis of the Relentless Pursuit Partnership as well as our vision for how the Relentless Venture Fund will impact health, activity and longevity.

In December, we hosted a fundraising salon in Toronto. It was a delight to have Jeff Ruby, CEO of Newtopia share insights about the company’s personalized approach to health management. Having backed Jeff during my prior VC tenure, predating the widespread adoption of digital health tools that we have today, well, it was both inspiring and energizing.

Our next salon is the evening of April 26th in Kitsilano. Thanks to a key member of our fund team, Val Mann and Lawson Lundell for co-sponsoring. Salon topic for the evening – ‘The Social Impact Investment Opportunity in Healthy Living, Longevity & Preventative Health.’ Send me a note if you have yet to receive an invitation and are interested in attending.


Next week I will be speaking at the “RESI on MaRS” conference in Toronto - sharing perspective and experience as a digital health investor. Later in the spring, Simon and I are speaking at a couple of Vancouver events – possibly together! Stay tuned for that update.

As of now, I am confirmed for the BC Tech Summit (Vancouver) alongside one of our portfolio CEO’s, Tamer Mohamed of Aspect Biosystems. Swing by our afternoon panel to hear first-hand “Barrier-Breaking Health Care” experiences.

You will find Simon indoors as a morning keynote at the Alive Natural Health Executive Summit, as well as on an outdoor excursion taking conference executives out for a stand up paddle (SUP) somewhere in and about Vancouver. If you see a group of six people all out on one paddle board, probability is high you have spotted Simon and company. Simon is on a mission to redefine ‘board meetings’.


From one mission to another ...
“We have heard about various health moonshots. The JUPITER SHOT is when everyone starts taking PREVENTATIVE HEALTH seriously,” Craig Venter, StartUp Health Festival Keynote, January 2018.

The Relentless team mission is clear – we invest in Preventative and Proactive Health Technology Solutions that Optimize HEALTH, ACTIVITY AND LONGEVITY.

Brenda Irwin