• TritonWear

    TritonWear is a wearable sports technology company that empowers coaches. Founded in Waterloo, and now headquartered in Toronto, the TritonWear team has developed a system that measures up to 15 performance metrics for more than 30 athletes simultaneously! TritonWear… Read More

  • Social Nature

    Social Nature is a Vancouver based business building brand leadership in natural product social influence marketing.  The company has established a product sampling community of > 100,000 trusted influencers. Influencers are provided natural products for free in exchange for… Read More

  • ePACT

    ePACT Network is swiftly becoming the new standard for the single family emergency information record.  Based out of North Vancouver, BC, the ePACT system converts the traditional paper-based documentation of health, emergency and key contact information to a… Read More

  • Wiivv Wearables

    Wiivv creates custom, 3D printed gear. The team has developed a proprietary product customization engine that begins with digital capture and ends with manufacturing of a biomechanically enhanced 3D print-ready file in seconds. Wiivv produces goods unique to… Read More

  • Gymtrack

    Operating gyms without data is guessing. Gymtrack, a tech business founded in Ottawa, is building a system of analytics that tracks usage across all strength and cardio equipment in a space, so gyms can understand exactly how members spend their… Read More

  • Vanhawks

    Vanhawks is a start up based in Toronto, Ontario and graduate of Montreal’s “Founder Fuel” accelerator program. vanhawks is rethinking urban transportation. Their lead product, the Valour, is Bluetooth-enabled to connect with smartphones and other devices. The connectivity… Read More